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Actual LONDON FIX and exchange rates

prices in USD/oz Today is -

morning (am) afternoon (pm)
Gold 1,201.50 1,198.50
Silver 16.84
Platinum 1,155.00 1,154.00
Palladium 747.00 751.00
ČNB exchange rates 1 USD 1 EUR

25.23 CZK 27.54 CZK

Course of gold spot price (24h) (USD/oz)

MPM Invest s.r.o.

is a large commercial company, which focuses on trading in precious metals. MPM Invest mainly focuses on trading in gold and silver in the form of gold and silver investment bullions and in gold and silver material to be further treated in refineries. To a lesser extent, the trading also takes place in platinum and palladium. MPM Invest trades in precious metals in international markets. Among major business partners, there are gold and silver refineries (precious metals refineries) Argor Hereaus (Switzerland), Bauer – Walser (Germany) and SAAMP (France). MPM Invest moreover strategically builds and develops the two fundamental trade lines, namely retail in the form of golden saving and international trade in non-European countries, in particular in the Middle East, in South-Eastern Asia and in South America. Gold and silver belong to the most promising commodities in the world today, often sought for by states, banks, investment funds and ordinary people in investing their reserves.

Private investment in gold

MPM Invest s.r.o. is primarily a wholesale company in the domain of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). The enormous growth in demand on the part of minor and private investors has led to an expansion of the business towards such customers. Contrary to other precious metals, gold is an ideal choice for a long-term investment due to its high value concentrated into a small volume. Investment gold, exempted from VAT, provides a safe harbour to a continuously larger number of people. The times gold was perceived as an investment tool for states, banks and investment funds only have gone. Nowadays, everybody can invest in gold. MPM Invest s.r.o. brings MPM Future gold saving programme where gold savings may be effectuated from the minimum of CZK 750 a month. MPM Invest s.r.o. is also a general partner and supplier to The Golden Investment a.s., the operator of the TGI Club portal, an actual private gold exchange.